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Why I'm Running

Life is not always easy. We all face real challenges, and make the tough choices. We work hard and sacrifice for our friends and family. We’re resilient, take risks, and beg for forgiveness when we come up short. We build strong relationships, do business and build our communities. We are generous, empathetic and most of all, we’re engaged where we have the most impact.


I believe our government once shared these values and people believed in politics and the political system. But as government has grown, it’s become inflexible and clumsy. It spends wildly, treating society’s problems as merely material and economic, when the real solutions are social and emotional.


It’s time we think differently how government spends our tax dollars, and the way our legislature works. And it’s far past time to end the bureaucratic practice, that the ones footing the bill are the first to be taxed and the last to be asked.



I believe we should focus on serving people by exercising well its particular tasks and refraining from other tasks. People will take care of the social changes.


I believe that the state has the ability to align and drive shared data and technology to eliminate redundancies and measure whether public programs are actually changing people’s lives.



I believe we’re in a period of transition and we need to think differently and work harder to balance government’s role in our lives. For those of us who need it, it’s too inflexible, confusing and difficult to access. And it’s become far too burdensome, heavy and arrogant to afford.


Join me in this campaign. Let’s be bold, and think differently in a real way that serves the people of 34A.