Virtual Series

Virtual Series

Our future is my focus. The future of our families, our community, its businesses, the county and the future of this region. We all play a vital part in shaping the best one and we all have a responsibility to hold our partners responsible. And lately, we’ve ceded too much power to government. 

CLICK HERE for info on our first Virtual Series Event for April 22 on “What does our transportation system look like in 2050″

A healthy society requires broad civic engagement on everyone’s part in order to build the trust needed between citizens, government, media, institutions of knowledge and business. A healthy society requires balance.

Hennepin – like so many metropolitan regions across the country – has been dominated for decades by a political bloc and driven by political agendas. This erosion of balance doesn’t just ignore the minority, it stifles new and innovative ideas and disregards any accountability. When one political ideology rules in government, nothing is more important than anything else and tough choices don’t matter. While we all prioritize and make sacrifices to balance needs versus wants, government dominated by one ideology will not.

The quality of political governance and leadership make all the difference. It determines whether a society goes forwards or backwards. And coronavirus aside, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been moving forward, and hasn’t felt like it for a while. 

I believe that great ideas matter and they come from all over, especially from experts in their field. In the next few months, I will be hosting virtual town hall meetings with experts in their fields to discuss ideas about our future and you’re invited. You can see the latest meetings on our events page.

Each meeting will answer a question and the first one will be on transportation. “What will our transportation system look like in 2050?” I’ll bring details on where money is being spent currently and we’ll talk about moving Hennepin forward.

Check back here for info on future Virtual Series Events.